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Remodeling Team Appreciation Award

2012 – 2013 Appreciation Awards

Joseph’s Remodeling Appreciation Awards are awarded for outstanding individual contributions in the areas of:

  • Team cooperation
  • Client services
  • Company growth initiatives

Team members are nominated by other team members, team leaders, and through client testimonials.  The Appreciation Awards for outstanding achievement in 2012 and to date in 2013 have been awarded to:

Jeremy Gifford – awarded the 1st Team Appreciation Award for personally assisting a homeowner with protecting an antique and sentimentally valuable chandelier.

Eric Rogers – awarded the 2nd Team Appreciation Award for problem solving a homeowner heat and air duct insulation challenge.

Mark Green – awarded the 3rd Team Appreciation Award for preparing a team member lunch cookout in appreciation of his team’s skills and dedication to their jobs.

John Bush – awarded the 4th Team Appreciation Award for his dedication to company work after hours.

Dean – awarded the 5th Team Appreciation Award for his ingenious creation of charcoal made from left over hardwoods from projects which were then used at the Company cookout.

Greg – awarded the 6th Team Appreciation Award for his hard work and dedication to complete a difficult project.

Clay – awarded the 7th Team Appreciation Award for designing and building an efficient ladder storage system, and customizing handrails for a client that looked as if they were “born there”.

JoAnn – awarded the 8th Team Appreciation Award for her mastermind and organization of the Sewanee Business Alliance’s 3rd annual Angel Festival Family Activities events sponsored by Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions..