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30+ Years of Precision and Personalization

Our Residential Remodeling History

Where we Started & where we are now

For Joseph Sumpter, residential remodeling is more than a way to earn a living—it has been an education. Following his first house painting job at fourteen, Joseph went on to provide thoughtful care for homes while matriculating in boarding school, and continued in Sewanee and Monteagle while attending college in Sewanee. Giving beloved historic homes—and their occupants—the attention and skill they deserve became a vocation.

In 2006,  Joseph’s Remodeling formalized and expanded as an LLC, and Alyssa Sumpter joined the team. Today our team of true experts shares Joseph and Alyssa’s passion not only for personalization and precision but also for the community we call home and the clients we call friends.

Joseph and Alyssa Sumpter Owners

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