Frequently Asked Questions About House Remodels

Joseph’s Remodeling represents not only a collective half-century of experience and dedication to client care; we also bank our reputation on a level of craftsmanship and quality typically found only in decades past.

Are You Licensed?

Joseph’s Remodeling is fully licensed in accordance with state law. We welcome your review of our License by visiting and entering our license ID number 57628. This Licensure certifies that we have met the requirements by the State of Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors. For peace of mind, you should check the Licensure status of any contractor you work with.

Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?
We stand by our work and our clients, and to that end carry general liability insurance. This protects you, the homeowner, and your property in case any damage is caused during the course of a contractor’s work. Joseph’s Remodeling is more than happy to provide proof of general liability insurance—though it’s always our goal not to need it.
Do You Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
Similar to our General Liability Insurance policy, Joseph’s Remodeling also carries worker’s compensation insurance to protect both our team members and our clients in case the worst happens and an injury occurs on site. Worker’s Compensation Insurance prevents the homeowner from being financially or legally liable if a contractor or contractor’s employee is hurt on your property. That said, we do everything in our power to avoid a worker’s compensation claim, including OSHA safe worksite practices and membership in the Tennessee Drugfree Workplace program.
Are You a Member of NAHB?

Yes. NAHB stands for the National Association of Home Builders, an organization which consists of conscientious contractors interested in improving the industry through continuing education. Members must be licensed and insured, and our membership speaks to the quality of work we aim to do and the quality of the company we keep within the general contracting community.

Who Will Be in Charge of the Job?
Joseph’s Remodeling will put your home in expert hands, with oversight from our experienced project leaders who hold themselves highly accountable for each step of the process. From planning to tidying up the workspace each day, you can count on Joseph’s Remodeling to lead the job down to the last detail.
Will You Provide References?
We want you to feel comfortable and confident in the investment you’re making. We are delighted to provide references for your review and consideration.
How Do You Handle “Dirty Work”?
We take job site clean up seriously. Our team does its best to minimize dust, dirt, and debris by isolating the areas where we work, covering furniture and personal items with plastic, placing and taping Ram board to protect floors, and vacuuming up the dust and debris we create each day. We understand our presence in your home is disruptive and stressful. The least we can do is pick up our mess.
What security measures are taken to protect homes and property?
Nothing is more important than feeling safe in your own space. Our security process includes daily checklists specific to each jobsite, locked key boxes, cables to secure tools and materials, and monthly security bonuses to our field team members who ensure your home is secured like it is our own.
Will there be inspections performed?
Yes, whether inspections are required or not. Outside of required building inspections, we also perform our own preconstruction, weekly progress, and final inspections. The beauty and functionality of your finished project is just as important to us as it is to you.
How do you handle emergencies?

If an active or past client has an emergency during regular business hours, we will do our very best to send a team member out to evaluate the situation. Our messaging service receives calls 24 hours a day in the event a client needs assistance after hours.

Do you build new homes?
Home renovation and restoration service is our sweet spot. That being said, there are some new construction projects we simply cannot resist. We are happy to work with clients on custom projects that provide unique opportunities for our team to shine.
Do you do small jobs?
Size has no effect on our commitment to exceptional results. Each Joseph’s Remodeling project receives the same attention to detail no matter the square footage. We want your home to be exactly what you envision, and our quality work guarantees that it will last.
When are normal business hours?
Field team members work from 7am-3:45pm M-F. Office team members are routinely available from 8am-5pm.
What is the communication process during the job?

We are strong believers that communication is key. Our Customer Representative guides clients from the signed agreement to the final walk through. Clients have 24 hour access to the Buildertrend app to communicate with us. You can view current photos, read daily job logs from field team members, check on budget details, review and approve proposals, change orders and selections at work, home, or play on your favorite mobile device.

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